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Dealers make New Holland Agriculture a dear friend to Thai farmers

With branches in three of Thailand’s provinces and experience stretching back decades, Por Tractor has developed a good understanding of the most important needs of Thai farmers.

Bangkok, 15th September 2018

Thai farmers often work to tight deadlines and in tough conditions, but even in the most challenging circumstances their machinery must perform reliably and effectively. This is vital to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. New Holland Agriculture’s dealers recognise this, and one of the most successful in Thailand is Por Tractor Kampangphet Ltd.

Por Tractor’s business serves farms through three branches, in Thailand’s central, upper central, and western provinces and is run by Por Tractor’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr Angkun Mahaboonpachai. Mr Angkun has been a New Holland dealer for more than 30 years, he first began selling tractors under the legacy Ford badge. His family business was the first in Thailand to sell a Ford four-wheel drive tractor with a six-cylinder engine.

Por Tractor currently offers a wide range of New Holland tractors, as well as the BR Round Baler, BigBaler, and TC5.30 five strawwalker combine harvester, which delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and highest productivity in its segment. The tractors comprise the TT Compact range (35 to 47 hp), which combines modest dimensions with the performance of larger machines; the easy-to-use TCR48 (47 hp), which can be matched to a comprehensive range of implements for different farming applications; the TT4 Series (55 to 90 hp), designed for tough conditions and especially easy to operate and maintain; the TD5 Series (98 to 110 hp), popular for its all-round versatility; the TS6 Series (124 to 139 hp), affordably rugged and comfortable; the 10 Series (80 to 105 hp), for power and economy in one package; the T6050 Series (127 hp) and the T7060 (213 hp) with the best power-to-weight ratio on the market.

These machines are used by Por Tractor’s customers on farms producing cassava, rice, corn, and sugarcane – but their world-class performance is only part of what makes Por Tractor successful. Mr Angkun comments: “This business is not just about machines, it is also about people. We pride ourselves on providing great service to our customers whenever they need it. We also provide detailed technical advice and help arrange financing for purchases through the retail financing program offered by CNH Industrial Thailand and finance provider G-Capital. Thanks to this program, Thai farmers can invest in New Holland Agriculture’s tractors under competitive and flexible conditions.”

Mr Angkun observes that technical support is wide-reaching because it is provided by both Por Tractor and New Holland. He explains: “New Holland provides technical training to ensure our staff are highly knowledgeable about the products. This, in turn, empowers our technicians to instruct customers how to operate and maintain their machines for maximum efficiency. Through all this expert knowledge-sharing, everyone wins.”

Mr Angkun smiles: “Like New Holland, Por Tractor is committed to being the best. I have witnessed many changes over the years and have seen the New Holland brand evolve, but the changes always bring improvements for our business and our customers. I would describe New Holland as a dear friend to Thai farmers.”

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Thailand’s New Holland dealer learned first-hand why it is important to make farming easier and more productive

By switching from farming the land to selling agricultural equipment, Auychai Tractor’s Managing Director is helping farmers meet the challenges he once faced himself.

Bangkok, 15th August 2018

If anyone knows exactly what kind of mechanised assistance Thailand’s farmers really need, it is Mr Somchit Teinthong, Managing Director at one of the most successful New Holland dealerships in Thailand. This is because Mr Somchit started his working life in farming, joining the same profession as his father, and discovered it was a tough path to follow. Today much of Mr Somchit’s passion about his work comes from seeing how modern agricultural equipment can help other farmers, making their farm work easier, more productive, and more economically sustainable than it used to be.

The business Mr Somchit manages, Auychai Tractor Udonthani Company Limited, typically sells about 100 New Holland machines each year. Most of those sales are tractors. Auychai Tractor employs 25 people and operates out of two branches in the northeastern provinces, one in Nong Bua Lamphu and the other in Sakonnakhon. In these areas sugarcane and cassava are the main crops.

Mr Somchit’s father also farmed sugarcane and cassava, as well as corn and soy. He owned two tractors, both Ford 5000 models, and Mr Somchit’s interest in these machines inspired him to leave behind the hardships of farming and start selling spare parts for tractors. Those family-owned machines also explain Mr Somchit’s affection for the famous ‘blue tractors’ of Ford first and then New Holland, a loyalty which endures to this day.

During the years Mr Somchit’s sales career progressed: from being the boy who tinkered with his father’s tractors and the young man who sold spare parts, he became an official dealer for New Holland.

Auychai Tractor sells and services a full range of New Holland tractors, but four models are especially popular with the dealerships’ customers. The 75 hp TT4.75 tractor is designed for maximum comfort, easy operation, and productivity. The 47 hp TT45 tractor, often used where cassava crops are grown, is from the TT Compact Series which redefined the economy tractor market by packing the performance of bigger machines into smaller dimensions. The 47 hp TCR48 tractor is versatile and easy to use, being compatible with a wide range of implements.

And the 80-105 hp 10 Series tractor, favored by sugarcane farms, is notable for its combination of great power and economy.

Mr Somchit said: “Many of our customers are like me: they have grown up knowing that New Holland products have great quality, strength, and heritage. But there’s more behind New Holland’s popularity, and that’s the high-quality customer support. Many of our customers are located quite close to our showrooms, but even those who are 100 kilometers away know they can count on us for fast service. Specialised technical knowledge cascades from New Holland, who train our dealer technical staff, to our customers, who we support with operational and technical advice.”

When Mr Somchit first entered farming more than 30 years ago, the main worry was finance, and for many of Thailand’s agricultural businesses this remains a concern today. For this reason, Mr Somchit believes “one of the most important forms of support our business provides to farmers is a full range of competitive and flexible finance packages made available by CNH Industrial Thailand, together with finance provider G-Capital.”

The current retail financing program aims to make it easier for Thai farmers to invest in new equipment, benefiting from New Holland Agriculture’s high premium tractor offering under affordable conditions.

“The training and technical advice we give customers on machine maintenance is also financially important, because it helps farms reduce servicing costs and downtime”, he added.

Income was too often unreliable when Mr Somchit and his father were farmers, but New Holland and dealers including Auychai Tractor are showing how investment in modern mechanised solutions pays back by improving productivity and profitability. Farmers will always face challenges such as climate unpredictability and crop price fluctuations, but New Holland and its service-focused dealers are helping to smooth-out the path to success.

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Mandalay farm boosts productivity with New Holland TD95 and TT75 tractors

Yangon, August 2018

The New Holland TD95 and TT75 tractors have become favourites with Burmese farmers across the country during many years of hard service, proving to be robust and dependable with low costs of ownership. The high-performance TD95 is supremely capable in even the toughest conditions while the general-purpose TT75 is capable of meeting a wide range of demands and provides great value. Both these tractors are ideal for farming in Myanmar, being well suited to everything from hot, dry and humid conditions to wet paddy fields.

Mr. Daw Shwe Kyi, Ko Thein Naing owns both these New Holland tractors, using a 98 hp TD95 and a 75 hp TT75 (4WD) to farm 70 acres of paddy and a sesame plantation. His farm is located in Ownkhon village and serves the surrounding areas of Myit Thar and Na Htoe Gyi, in Mandalay Region, where agriculture is the primary source of employment and makes a considerable contribution to the national economy.

Mr. Daw Shwe Kyi, Ko Thein Naing bought his first New Holland tractor unit, the TD95, in 2015 and was so satisfied with its performance that he decided to buy a second unit to boost his plantation’s output. He said: “I am very happy with my New Holland tractors because they are good at everything. The oldest tractor has been working for 4,000 hours now without any need for major repairs. That is one reason I really like New Holland. I also appreciate the tractors’ fuel efficiency and operator comfort, and the way they really help make my job quicker and more productive.”

New Holland works closely with its authorised distributor in Myanmar, Yangon-based CPCL, which has 16 branches throughout the country to provide farmers with world-class products and excellent after-sales support. Mr. Daw Shwe Kyi, Ko Thein Naing said, “CPCL’s customer service is very good and I feel they are always there to provide help whenever it is needed.”

High-performance TD95 supremely capable in the toughest conditions
New Holland’s TD95 tractor has a 3.9-litre water-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharging. Producing 98 hp and 370 Nm of torque, this gives the TD90 a superb power-to-weight ratio and a significant torque advantage over competitors. By having mechanically-engaged four-wheel-drive with a limited slip differential, the TD95 combines high maneuverability with maximum traction in difficult conditions. This tractor is particularly suited to working in extreme conditions and at altitude. It can run on B20 (20 percent) biodiesel without modification.

The TD95 is notable, too, for its low fuel consumption, long-life components, and long service intervals. Farmers also like this tractor’s New Holland Lift-O-Matic™ system, which makes it easy to raise an implement and to lower it to the same pre-set position.

General-purpose TT75 provides great value
New Holland’s TT Series general-purpose tractors - available in 55 hp and 75 hp variants - are a popular choice because they provide a superb combination of power and economy. Both variants have proven their reliability over many years and are easy and economical to maintain. The TT75 is equally well suited to hot and dry conditions and to the wetness of rice paddy fields (with water-proofed driveline), thanks also to its specialised tyres for rice that make the job easier.

The TT75 has a 3.9-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engine from FPT Industrial which produces 75 hp and 260 Nm of torque at 1375 rpm. This water-cooled engine features cross-flow cylinder heads and fuel injection for better performance and fuel economy. Transmission 8x2 and hydraulic lift up to 2000 kg handle the toughest tasks with ease.

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For Myanmar’s farmers, New Holland’s TT4.75 tractor makes even the hardest tasks easier

New Holland tractors can be seen in many plantations across Myanmar, working hard in land preparation, haulage, and general plantation maintenance. For all of these tasks, New Holland’s TT4 Series tractors are a popular choice. The TT4 has earned the trust of farmers throughout Myanmar thanks to its combination of robustness, reliability, ease of maintenance, and productivity. The TT4 is a small package which delivers big performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

One of Myanmar’s many satisfied users of the TT4 tractor is Mr. U Aung Hla, from Thone Eain village in Mandalay Region. Mr. U Aung Hla recently moved into the agricultural business and chose New Holland Agriculture as his preferred agricultural equipment supplier because of the brand’s reputation for world-class products and excellent customer support. Mr. U Aung Hla uses two New Holland TT4.75 tractor units for a wide variety of tasks on his 50-acre plantation, which serves the surrounding districts of Pathein Gyi and Myoethar.

“I love to drive my New Holland tractors,” says Mr. U Aung Hla. “Spending long hours in the field is easy with these machines - they ensure that I can work in comfort and stay alert for the job at hand. These tractors are excellent on dry fields and in paddy fields. What I like the most are the hydraulic features and their lifting capacity”.

New Holland works closely with its authorised distributor in Myanmar, Yangon-based CPCL, which has 16 branches throughout the country. Mr. U Aung Hla said: “The CPCL team has provided premium support and advice in every phase of my job since I started. Their service team is very helpful and friendly and reacts quickly to every request or question I have. They have always provided excellent uptime support whenever it has been needed in my daily tasks. New Holland certainly makes my job easier.”

TT4 Series tractors offer ultimate versatility
Because no two farms are ever the same, the New Holland TT4 is engineered to offer ultimate versatility. These tractors are characterised by their sturdy design and functional layout, and are renowned for their exceptional reliability and durability. All TT4 Series models are simple to operate and easy to maintain, keeping downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.

The operator area is designed to provide maximum operator comfort. The LED work lights offer a broad spread of white light, turning night into day and providing the operator with excellent visibility. The FPT Industrial engines of the TT4 Series set the highest standards for dynamic performance and fuel economy. The TT4.75’s 3.9-litre four-cylinder engine, is a naturally aspirated diesel engine, which produces 75 hp at 2500 rpm and 276 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm. Lift capacity, at 2500kg, with a hydraulic pump flow at 54L/min, and up to 3 rear remotes, is best-in-class.

The TT4 Series offers 10 transmission options, so that the tractor’s characteristics can be tailored to every farming operation. Optimal fuel economy and increased productivity can be attained during road haulage with an optional 16x16 and 24x24-speed splitter transmission. An optional 20x20 creeper variant is also available, for speeds as low as 270 metres per hour. The standard Synchro Shuttle 12x12 transmission has full synchromesh and is notable for its robust, no-nonsense simplicity. A wide choice of PTO options available make the TT4 Series tractors excellent for PTO applications.

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