Combine Yield Mapping & Moisture Sensing


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Agriculture is constantly evolving, and being able to make informed decisions with real-time information can have an enormous impact on your business’s profitability. New Holland is integrating technology that will keep farm managers connected with their fleets, enabling them to optimize fleet productivity, utilization and logistics. With PLM™ Connect you receive real-time information on every machine working in your fields, so that you can use that data to make more informed decisions for improving productivity and efficiency across your farm. PLM Connect keeps you connected with your entire operation, enabling you to streamline field data into SMART farm management decisions.

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PLM technologies have an open architecture, giving you the flexibility to work with mixed fleets of equipment and implements. PLM Connect offers solutions for both New Holland equipment and other brands of equipment, helping you work smarter, more efficiently and more productively.

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PLM Connect keeps you connected with your farm operation. Remotely monitor what is happening in your fields with real-time data to make informed decisions that help optimize fleet productivity, utilization and logistics. Receive real-time maintenance alerts and remotely view machine settings, increasing in field run times. PLM Connect keeps your entire operation connected, enabling you to streamline field data into SMART farm management decisions.

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PLM Connect technology is SMART, easy to use, and is designed to help optimize your operation’s productivity and efficiency. Machine operators and fleet managers can easily communicate and stay connected with the entire farm operation. The easy to use web portal enables accurate management of all data and helps facilitate fast decisions based on real-time information.

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New Holland understands the value of your time, and how any loss in productivity can be costly to your operation, especially during planting or harvest. This is why we offer a 24/7/365 day customer support line with trained operators that can help resolve potential issues and answer questions you may have. Our comprehensive network of PLM Certified Dealers have dedicated PLM specialists who have the knowledge, training and expertise to keep you running during the most critical times. New Holland PLM Certified Dealers are the experts that can provide you with the knowledge and support needed for today’s precision technologies.

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