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Manual Steering


New Holland PLM™ offers a wide range of auto guidance solutions, from lightbar systems to assisted steering systems, to fully integrated auto guidance that can deliver accuracy as precise as sub inch repeatable accuracy. Choose from a range of correction signals to best match your accuracy needs. Select from a variety of field patterns using your PLM display to match any shape field. PLM offers guidance solutions for nearly every application, maximizing efficiencies and productivity.

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The entry level guidance solution allows you to explore GPS guidance through a simple and affordable lightbar display. A lightbar based guidance system provides you with visual feedback to keep you on your intended path. You simply need to follow the green lights to stay on the right path. It shows you which direction you need to steer in and by how much to keep your machine on the straight and narrow.

  • Affordable, high quality, guidance system suitable for broad acre applications and mapping.
  • System tells driver where to steer and stay on line.
  • Easy to transfer and simple installation.
  • USB data transfer for mapping and record keeping.

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Small farm spraying and broadcast spreading.
  • Manure as-applied mapping.
  • Mapping locations of where fertilizer and chemical applications are applied.

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The EZ-Guide® 250 is an easy to use and affordable tool that offers up to +/- 6 – 8 inches pass-to-pass accuracy. The built in OnPath® filter technology provides improved pass-to-pass accuracy and the EZ-Guide 250 is compatible with all makes and models of equipment.

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