Assisted hands free Steering System

The new ‘invisible’ Assisted Steering System


Assisted hands free Steering


New Holland PLM™ offers a wide range of auto guidance solutions, from lightbar systems to assisted steering systems, to fully integrated auto guidance that can deliver accuracy as precise as sub inch repeatable accuracy. Choose from a range of correction signals to best match your accuracy needs. Select from a variety of field patterns using your PLM display to match any shape field. PLM offers guidance solutions for nearly every application, maximizing efficiencies and productivity.

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EZ-Pilot is a high-performance, low-cost assisted steering solution that is sleekly integrated into the vehicle’s steering column, and it can be installed on most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery. This advanced solution features T3™ Terrain Compensation Technology, keeping you online in rough terrains by automatically adjusting steering to compensate for slopes, hillsides and rolling hills.

  • Integrated steering actuator motor into steering column for clutter free cab.
  • Highest accuracy assisted steering system.
  • 30% more torque than other systems in the market.
  • Compatible with most makes and models of equipment.
  • Maintains accuracy in rough and rolling terrain with T3 terrain compensation.

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Flexible installation options

You have the choice of using your machine’s original steering wheel or installing the optional steering wheel which provides an offset that returns the wheel back to the original height.

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Advanced motors for guaranteed productivity

The sleek motor design is fully integrated into the steering column and provides clear access to the instrument cluster and other vehicle controls while maintaining telescopic functionality where present. The high-torque electric motor has been developed to overcome the resistance of machines with more rigid power steering systems for guaranteed performance. A fast-reacting electric motor allows the system to quickly make steering adjustments to keep the vehicle online and makes sure it stays there.

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EZ-Pilot™ controller

Using data from the GPS receiver, the EZ-Pilot controller sends precise instructions to the steering wheel motor. T3™ Terrain Compensation technology continually corrects for roll, pitch and yaw by using three-axis solid state inertial sensors to give you a true on-ground position.

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The EZ-Pilot™ system is compatible with both the FM-750 or FM-1000 displays delivering up to +/-1 inch GPS accuracy with RTK technology.

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EZ-Steer is a simple portable hands-free steering system for all vehicle models, old and new. The EZ-Steer system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a drive motor, which is commanded indirectly by an output from the guidance display. EZ-Steer keeps you on line and helps you avoid ditches and waterways so that you can focus on the task at hand, whether that is planting, spraying or tilling. This system is easy to transfer between vehicles and it improves performance, quality and crop yields all while reducing stress.

  • Integrated steering actuator motor into steering column for clutter free cab.
  • Easy to install and transferable between multiple vehicles.
  • Compatible with most makes and models of equipment.
  • Ideal for WAAS level accuracy, but can be used with higher accuracy options.
  • Features T2 terrain compensation.

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