Take your operation to new heights with PLM Drone Data Management!

When it comes to making effective, cost-saving decisions for your operation, PLM Drone Data Management gives you the tools needed to make timely agronomic decisions. ​

PLM Drone Data Features

• Pinpoints potential problem areas in your field with GPS location
• Flight operations, imagery upload, and analysis is completed in a single tool
• No manual flying is required
• Imagery is uploaded in minutes
• Analysis tools and app marketplace ​

Precision Farming® Capabilities

Used to assist with crop scouting, drainage assessment, stockpile management and more, this new tool can export data to PLM Mapping and Records. Also, images can be saved, exported and it has API and data sharing capability. ​

Software that is field tested and farmer approved

In cooperation with industry leader DroneDeploy, New Holland offers a new, easy-to-use, drone data package, PLM™ Drone Data Management, to assist farmers in collecting up-to-date aerial data mapping of their operation.

To ensure that your drone is never grounded, we offer support by email, phone, and live chatting, giving you the choice of the support style that is most convenient for you. ​

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