IntelliRate™ Control

Input Control Systems: managing inputs to maximise outputs


IntelliRate™ Control


With PLM™ implement control systems you can automatically shut on and off individual planter sections, monitor and record planter population and control rate and flow of materials in seeding, spraying and fertilizer applications to better manage variability across your entire field.

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IntelliRate™ Control is a variable rate and section control system that allows you to control rate and flow applications on mixed fleets of implements using an integrated New Holland IntelliView IV display.

  • Use automatic section control to switch on/off up to 48 individual rows
  • Eliminate double application of seed and fertilizer
  • Control material applications including liquid and NH3
  • Read prescription maps to manage field variability and maximize yield potential
  • Monitor and record planter population rate
  • Applied mapping for tracking varieties and hybrids
  • Single display solution on New Holland equipment for running key tractor features, auto guidance and controlling mixed fleets of implements

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Variability in fields can be influenced by factors such as soil properties, topography, cropping history, field use, etc. GPS position is communicated to the rate controller as the application equipment moves across different zones in the field, enabling it to vary application rates by zone.

Rather than just applying a constant seed rate, apply higher seed populations in well irrigated, or highly fertile, areas to maximize yield performance and lower application rates in less fertile areas or areas with poor irrigation.

Also apply more or fewer chemicals or fertilizers in areas as needed, lowering input cost and further enhancing yields.

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Section Control automatically shuts off rows or sections, eliminating double applications of seed and fertilizer. It uses the tractor’s GPS system to automatically turn on and off individual planter sections in areas that have already been covered, or at headland turns, point rows, waterways, terraces, etc. Double planting of rows is avoided, enhancing yields and eliminating waste.

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Field IQ™ Crop Input Control also available for FM-1000 and FM-750 displays.

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