Auto Command™ Transmission


In search of a tractor with ultimate efficiency? Choose a T6 Auto Command™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Designed, developed, and built in-house, this single range transmission provides you with seamless speed changes. A synchronized gear box has two forward gears and one reverse. Two speed choices are available: a 25 mph (40 kph) economy and a 31 mph (50 kph), both to enable you to get down to work faster.

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Be prepared to experience the most intuitive operating logic around. It’s so smart, it’s simple. Thanks to the input of hundreds of farmers, the award-winning, SideWinder™ II armrest was developed by New Holland for your operating pleasure. Mounted with the IntelliView™ III or IV touchscreen monitors, you have access to all key controls from your CommandGrip™ controller to the Integrated Control Panel (ICP). Best of all, this armrest is fully-adjustable, just like the original Sidewinder console found inside the Genesis™ tractors. Take command.

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Imagine being able to control eight different functions on your tractor from a single joystick. Sounds great, right? Well, now you will with the ergonomic, backlit CommandGrip™ joystick, that’s also found in other New Holland machinery. From shuttling to operating your rear remotes, numerous frequently-used tractor functions can easily be controlled.

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In addition to controlling various functions, this lever operates with forced-based logic, which means that the tractor’s acceleration and speed are determined by the force placed on the handle. With the Auto Command™ transmission, you have the infinite range of speeds to perfectly match the application at hand. Set the three programmable target speeds in each direction (forward and reverse) with the scrolling wheel and get down to business.

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Your T6 Auto Command™ tractor will manage ground speed without interfering with PTO power and speed. The PTO is run from a direct shaft that allows it to be set independently of ground speed. Competitive CVT transmissions typically give PTO priority, adjusting their engine RPMs first and then dropping ground speed to keep the engine from being lugged down.

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