SmartTrax. Reduced compaction. Superior comfort.

The all-new SmartTrax™ system has been engineered by design to offer 57% reduced ground pressure thanks to its triangle structure for improved traction and reduced compaction.

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SmartTrax™ with Flex technology: terrain following excellence

  • The entry-level tracks feature the same design as the advanced SmartTrax™ with Terraglide™ suspension technology
  • The Flex technology features two pairs of jointed rollers which can pivot and rotate both laterally and vertically to perfectly follow the ground contours
  • Ideal when working on uneven terrain, outstanding traction is guaranteed
  • This technology enables a top transport speed of 30kph

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Positive, Efficient Drive

The positive lugs on the inner side of the tracks maintain physical contact with the drive wheel for the ultimate in efficient power transmission.

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Trouble Free Track Setting

SmartTrax feature an automatic continuous heavy duty tensioning system which ensures that the correct track tension is always maintained for ideal traction. Moreover, the tensioning system is completely separate from the drive wheel, for ultimate simplicity and reliability.

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SmartTrax™ with Terraglide™ suspension: your comfort partner

  • SmartTrax™ rubber tracks with Terraglide™ suspension bring New Holland’s acclaimed suspension technology to tracks
  • Optional on all models, they are available in 24”, 28.5” and 34” width
  • This enables a top transport speed of 40kph where legislation allows
  • Two pairs of oscillating, hydraulically suspended rollers work together to produce a smooth ride and improved transport safety
  • Longer track length for a larger overall footprint for reduced field compaction

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A track to suit your needs

  • SmartTrax are available in two widths: standard 24” and for those working in demanding conditions, a 28.5” option is available
  • SmartTrax offer your operation numerous benefits including enhanced stability, 100% increase in contact area when compared to tyres, all whilst maintaining manoeuvrability within the 3.5 metre transport width

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Traction without Question

The SmartTrax triangular design, together with the rubber cleats on the outer belt, ensure a positive contact with the soil and unsurpassed traction when working on the steepest slopes or in the wettest or dustiest conditions. Traction without question.

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Saving time. Saving fuel.

  • With a top transport speed of 40kph at a mere 1400 engine rpm, the new CR range, when fitted with SmartTrax™ with Terraglide™ suspension, is the obvious choice for operations looking to reduce downtime and fuel costs
  • Fuel economy is further enhanced by the super low rolling resistance, which offers significant savings over competitor solutions

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