Enhanced protection for improved efficiency

The CR’s feeding system has been significantly upgraded to enhance its already highly efficient operation. The feeder now features four chains with connecting slats on the CR8.90, CR9.80, CR9.90 and CR10.90 models for improved crop flow and even smoother feeding into the Twin Rotors. The CR range benefits from an improved header lift capacity for ultimate productivity when working with the very largest headers, and you can choose between the Advanced Stone Protection system or the optional, Dynamic Feed Roll™ system which both ensure the threshing mechanism is always fully protected.

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Advanced Stone Protection system

  • Automatic Stone Protection system (ASP) uses a detection sensor located under the closed lower drum of the straw elevator
  • When a stone is detected, the full width pivoting door automatically opens and the stone is ejected
  • This solution requires minimal operator input and ensures an unobstructed flow of the crop from the feeder to the rotors
  • Grain quality, straw quality and overall capacity is enhanced, while protecting the machines internal components

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Dynamic Feed Roll™ system

  • Dynamic Feed Roll™ system delivers maximum feeding efficiency and stone detection effectiveness in extremely stony conditions
  • Stones are automatically directed by a 45cm diameter closed beater into a dedicated stone trap located between the feeder and rotors
  • The non-stop harvesting increases capacity by up to 10% when operating on the stoniest ground -The system now features serrated blades so that it is even gentler on the crop to deliver higher quality straw
  • The stone trap is easily emptied during routine daily checks

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Making blockages a thing of the past

  • Header blockages are instantly cleared by the hydraulic reversing system
  • The entire header and elevator can be ‘rocked’ backwards and forwards to effectively unblock the machine

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IntelliCruise for increased productivity

  • IntelliCruise™ Automatic Crop Feeding system automatically matches the forward speed to crop load
  • A sensor on the straw elevator driveline continually monitors the demand placed on the header to guarantee the combine works at full capacity, independently of areas of differing yield

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Optional variable header and feeder technology

  • Choose between the fixed and variable speed header and feeder drive combination
  • The variable option is ideal when harvesting maize
  • The operator can adjust the picking and feeding speed, depending on crop yield and conditions, to optimise feeding

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