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The new T6020LS: The Perfect Loader Tractor


New Holland has combined several ideal ingredients to create the perfect tractor for the livestock and dairy farmer. If looking to reduce running costs, increase productivity and convenience and increase operator comfort, then the new T6020LS (112 hp) delivers improvements in all of these areas; and it’s built in Britain.

Lower running costs
The T6020LS uses a 112 hp 4 cylinder turbo/intercooled, mechanically-fuelled engine. It boasts the industry’s longest service interval: Using conventional engine oil the service interval scratches out to 600 hours while an exhaust aspirated pre-cleaner lengthens air filter life.

To reduce fuel consumption a massive 113 lpm hydraulic pump delivers oil only when required and delivers a high flow at low engine rpm, reducing the need to rev the engine to obtain high hydraulic output.

Front tyre wear and driveline stress is also reduced with the T6020 LS as it’s fitted with New Holland’s TerralockTM system that will automatically disengage the four wheel drive when manoeuvring, thus reducing both front tyre scrub and the turning circle: Straighten the wheels to push into a muck heap and the four wheel drive reengages.

Increased comfort
The operator of a T6020LS sits on a deluxe air seat in the quietest cab in its class at just 70 dB(A). Even cab suspension is available.  With only four pillars in the air-conditioned cab, just 9o of vision is obscured from the all round view, greatly benefiting safety around farm buildings. The roof visibility panel takes the neck ache out of loading into trailers.

The low overall height, just 2.69m on 16.9 R34 tyres, means that access to those low buildings won’t be a problem and the single piece lift-up engine hood allows total engine access even with loader side frames which means no side panels to hinder servicing on the T6020LS.

The integrated factory-fitted New Holland loader kit provides a seat-mounted joystick while a memory power shuttle places you in your ideal gear ratio. The tractor remembers your last forward/reverse gear selected, avoiding any manual shifts or fuel slurping engine revving.

With a hands-free Bluetooth radio fitted as standard, the operator can even take a call and keep loading while eight work-lights make sure work continues safely into the dark.

Operators are demanding more output and the modern day loader tractor is no different to any other machine on today’s farm. Larger loaders require a more stable tractor with a higher level of in-built strength and a longer wheelbase - the T6020LS meets these criteria.

Hydraulic output is critical to gain output from a loader. While other tractors only use a single hydraulic pump for all the tractor services, including steering, the T6020LS includes a dedicated steering pump which means the loader cycle time is always maintained even when turning. FastSteerTM can be fitted as an option; allowing the operator to obtain a lock to lock turn by only moving the steering wheel a few degrees.

Steerable front fenders are standard which means the loader frames do not interfere with the tight turning circle that’s achievable. The simple result of these features is that the T6020LS delivers more loads per minute.

And if you need more power? Then there’s the 4 cylinder T6040LS with up to 151 hp on tap which is easily capable of operating a large mower or baler.

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