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New Holland Agriculture launches its new web site: innovation, customisation and involvement just a click away!

Already on line for the United Kingdom ( and Italy, and on the launch-pad for 2009 in the rest of the world, the keynotes of the New Holland Agriculture web site are innovation, dynamism and a modern, friendly approach to the customer and their needs.

Living up to its reputation as the leading brand in innovative technologies, New Holland has once again proved itself by launching with a second generation web site, i.e. one which the surfer not only consults for information, but also interacts with in a series of interesting and intriguing ways.

“New Holland is continuing its policy of consolidating its brand image in line with its core values – in other words, dynamism, and the ability always to choose the modern, innovative option,” stated Roberto Bandoli, New Holland Agriculture Global Brand Communications, head of the team responsible for the new web project. “In this medium of crucial importance for brand communications and customer relations, as elsewhere, we have gone for an ambitious project, at the state of the art in its approach and tools, and yet extraordinarily easy to use”.

Welcome to New Holland!

The site’s impressive new features are already obvious on the home page, both in its graphics (as visitors are welcomed by an image with broad appeal) and in its highlighted contents: Local weather forecasts and a function where visitors can find their local dealer with the option of making immediate contact. These are just some of the options on offer.

From the home page, visitors are also offered direct access to, the new e-commerce site with a vast collection of New Holland merchandise.

New Holland my way

As the agriculture specialist with the world’s largest range of machinery for every specific need, New Holland is well aware that every customer is unique. And it proves it through the wide range of customisation options available on the new site.

The Product Selector - the tool that makes it easy to find your ideal machine. It allows you to explore it from every point of view: function, style, excitement and economy. It gives you the opportunity to request a demonstration or quotation directly from the dealer.

“My New Holland” (available soon) is the personal page each registered user can customise by choosing the services and contents from the site of most interest to him. The user can also expand and enhance this page with information about his farming business and the machinery he owns. The customer can use this page, for example, to keep an eye on when services are due, and receive New Holland communications and personal invitations to test drives and demonstrations at his dealership.

Active involvement is key!

One of the main aims of the new New Holland web site is to encourage users to become actively involved and share information, opinions and ideas. To foster this, New Holland will be providing a series of spaces and tools intended to allow the creation of a real community.

These include the “Specials” forums organised periodically on specific themes of particular interest to farmers, and the product development “Workshop”, an open space for customers’ improvement suggestions, innovative ideas, and even their inventions.

But there is more. New Holland has actually opened its own channel on You Tube, the web’s most popular video sharing site.

At , this channel contains a vast selection of videos about New Holland’s products, records and features of excellence, and gives all registered users the chance to upload their films: an extra opportunity to take part for fans of the New Holland brand!

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