PLM™ ISOBUS Task Controller

Input Control Systems: managing inputs to maximise outputs

PLM™ ISOBUS Task Controller


In order to get the most out of every square inch of field, a full range of crop management solutions are available. Variable rate and section control enable you to maximise yields and reduce costly over and underlaps. Yield monitoring, available on combine and forage harvesters means you can see just how productive your fields are, and when combined with PLM software, you can counteract areas of lower yields.

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Control mixed fleets of ISOBUS compatible implements using your integrated New Holland IntelliView IV display.
• Send commands to an ISOBUS compliant implement to modify its actions based on GPS positioning.
• Automatically switch on/off planter sections.
• Prevent seed and fertiliser overlap.
• Control application rates with prescription maps.
• Map and log job dates.
• Single display solution on New Holland equipment for running key tractor functions, auto guidance and controlling mixed fleets of implements.

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