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With FarmMate you will have the world of New Holland Agriculture in your hands. This app allows you to remain updated on latest products and news, to get ready for promotions and discounts. It will also be a precious source of valuable agronomic information and suggestion on the most widespread crops.

FarmMate offers you many useful features:
o You can browse New Holland Agriculture products catalogue, view videos and pictures and download brochures.
o The Agronomy feature will guide you in all the cultivation stages of the most common crops, with advices and suggestions from our experts.
o The Distributors function allows you to quickly find and contact the nearest authorized reseller or service.
o By creating an account, you will also have access to locked card collections, full brochures and technical bulletin.


By accessing the app, you can:

• Customize and get support on your PLM equipment
• Stay up-to-date with every news on your products
• Download and keep all operators' manuals always with you
• Be perfectly synced with My New Holland website


This application makes browsing news easy and fun: you can read news from our suggested selection or add your favourite website and transform it into an interactive and colourful experience.


This calculator provides an estimate of the cost savings and higher yields benefits gained by utilising the New Holland Precision Land Management solutions.


An essential app for hay makers and farmers: built  with the producer in mind, created as an easy-to-access resource to define the best options for your haying operation.


Browse NH iBrochure anywhere and anytime: videos, photo galleries and a wide variety of media content that offers you an interactive experience with info about our product.


It's a race against time: you must gather the load with your Skid Steer and reach the truck as fast as you can while also trying to collect bonus points along the way. Share with your friends and join the fun!

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